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1. What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that most websites store on users’ devices used to access the Internet, in order to identify the individual devices used by users to access the Internet. Their storage is under the complete control of the browser used by the user – which can restrict or disable the storage of cookies if it wishes.

Cookies are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services.

Cookies make the interaction between the web user and the website faster and easier. They help the website to remember the individual’s preferences and experience.

2. Use of cookies

Cookies are used by most websites as a convenient means of keeping content relevant to the interests and preferences of the individual web user. There are several reasons for using cookies, one of the most important of which is their ability to store information about the state of a particular website (details about the customization of a particular website), to help with the provision of online services (online shops), to help with the collection of statistics about the habits of a web user – as only these can be used to monitor the frequency of visits to a particular website.

Companies can use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of their website design, as well as the relevance of the type and number of advertisements they offer to users on their websites.

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