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Meet KÓBALT: Sustainable Luxury Brands on a Journey to Change the Fashion Landscape

Meet KÓBALT: Sustainable Luxury Brands on a Journey to Change the Fashion Landscape

In a society increasingly aware of the need for sustainability, supporting small businesses that champion ethical practices is becoming more crucial than ever. At TheRealLuxury, we strive to highlight these innovative designers and businesses who, by their dedication to ethical creation, are changing the landscape of the fashion industry. 

Kóbalt is a prime example of this philosophy due to its commitment to timeless design, sustainable materials and exceptional quality. 

This exquisite brand was born from friendship and a shared vision for the future of premium yet everyday products made from raw, natural materials. To be more specific, in spring 2018 founder Tina met a like-minded partner, boasting 30 years of experience, who shared her passion for finely crafted premium leather products. Their shared vision soon blossomed, resulting in an exclusive partnership and the creation of a “slow fashion” brand. Committed to responsible and ethical production, Kóbalt believes that true quality never goes out of style, hoping that their items will be cherished for a lifetime. 

Each item in their collection is expertly made by a team of experienced artisans, guaranteeing  timeless and quality products. The goal is for customers to love and enjoy their items for many years, even decades, to come. To achieve this, Kóbalt carefully selects the finest materials, including full-grain cowhide leather, goat suede, and organic cotton, complemented by high-quality metal accessories. This commitment to quality materials and manufacturing results in an exceptional product experience.

Kóbalt places a strong emphasis on community engagement and views consumer, friend, and family support as essentioal to its growth. This is reflected in their personalized service and lasting relationships. Supported by this community, Kóbalt launched its first signature product, the Kóbalt Envelope.

The Envelope is a perfect example of Kóbalt’s commitment to fine craftsmanship. Made from the best full-grain cowhide croco leather with an organic cotton interior, it comes in black and blue in sizes XS, S, M, and L. It is ideal for daily use as it fits perfectly into larger bags, holding essentials and trinkets. Lightweight and easy to carry, it also transforms into an eye-catching party bag or a stylish accessory.

Explore Kóbalt’s must-haves

S Envelope Black

M Envelope Blue

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Available to shop also at TheRealLuxury!

L Envelope Blue

Available to shop also at TheRealLuxury!

Kóbalt continues to thrive thanks to the shared vision of its founder and partners. The brand remains committed to upholding its core value of quality, sustainability, and classic minimalistic designs even as it expands. The brand is redefining the industry by emphasizing ethical production and slow fashion, demonstrating that real quality never goes out of style. 

Products, designed and made by Kóbalt are also available at TheRealLuxury!

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