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6 Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

6 Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

As fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of warmer weather, they also enthusiastically await the trends that will define their style in the months ahead. Here are 6 Spring/Summer 2024 fashion trends we saw on the runways that are poised to become wardrobe essentials for style-conscious individuals all over the world. 

Capri pants

Whether you hate them or love them, there’s no denying it – capri pants are back! In the age of nostalgia, where we seem to love anything Y2K, they have made their way back to fashion enthusiasts’ closets. A short few years ago considered unpopular, they have now resurfaced as a prominent trend for the upcoming seasons, once again proving that fashion is cyclical. 

Seen on the runways of fashion houses such as Jacquemus, Isabel Marant, Coperni, and Johanna Parv. 

Collared shirts

With Miu Miu at the forefront, preppy style has been dominating the fashion landscape, ushering in a resurgence of classic, collegiate-inspired fashion. With a nod to tradition and a contemporary twist, designers reimagined preppy shirts, energizing them with bold colors and playful patterns. Paired with boat shoes, ties, loafers, and high-rise socks, polo shirts are an essential component of the perfect preppy look. 

Besides Miu Miu, we’ve also seen this trend on the runways of The Row, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dries Van Noten.

Sheer skirts

In recent fashion seasons, renowned brands like Prada, Dior, and Valentino have embraced the sheer skirt trend, offering various styling options. If you prefer a more modest approach, you can pair your sheer skirt with a longer jacket, or layer it over shorts or a mini skirt. Experiment with oversized blazers or biker jackets to play with proportions, or add a ladylike cardigan. 

We’ve seen this trend on the runways of Chloé, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and other luxury brands.

Icy Blue

We’ve seen red undeniably dominate the fashion scene these past few seasons, fascinating both designers and consumers alike. However, a new contender may soon steal the spotlight. Enter none other than icy blue, which offers a refreshing retreat from the intensity of red, charms with its serene allure and beckons with a cool tranquility that speaks to the essences of spring and summer. 

We’ve seen this color gracing the runways of esteemed fashion houses, such as Stella Mccartney, Proenza Schouler, and Givenchy. 

Micro bottoms

This summer, we’ll all be wearing micro skirts and shorts. With hemlines reaching new heights, designers have embraced the mantra of “less is more”, creating bottoms that celebrate playfulness. These garments make a bold statement, inviting wearers to embrace a carefree attitude and revel in the joys of self-expression.

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Seen on the runways of designers, such as Chloé, Gucci, Isabel Marant, Wales Banner, Alexander McQueen, and Miu Miu. 


Floral print has been a spring/summer staple for as long as we can remember, and this year is no exception. Renowned for their symbolism of love, beauty, and romance, roses, both in print and as 3D embellishments, served as a creative playground for designers, offering a multifaceted approach to incorporating nature’s charm into fashion. 

Seen on the runways of Magda Butrym, Simone Rocha, Undercover, Balmain, Maison Margiela, and other luxury brands.

From the resurrection of capri pants to the charm of icy blue hues, the fashion landscape is ripe with innovation and creativity, offering a playground for self-expression. We hope this list of spring/summer fashion trends has helped inspire you to elevate your personal style to authentically reflect your personality, while still keeping you up to date with trends. 

Which trend will you be participating in? Let us know!

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