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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe? The Closet Essentials To Own

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe? The Closet Essentials To Own

Assembling an attractive and useful wardrobe requires passion, time and patience. But when we succeed, it is actually a very liberating affair. It frees us from constantly thinking about what to wear and sighing desperately in one voice with the phrase “I have nothing to wear” – next to a closet that is cracking at the seams.

For this reason, in the 1970s, the owner of a London boutique called Wardrobe invented the “capsule wardrobe”. She identified a limited number of basic pieces of clothing that can be worn for several seasons. The idea was to have a simplified wardrobe consisting of high-quality pieces in coordinated colors that could be worn alternately and would not have to be constantly changed. Today, more than 40 years later, the idea has not changed much; in fact it is becoming more and more popular as it is a step closer to sustainable behavior in fashion.

In addition to make everyday wear easier, the capsule wardrobe is also intended to save money and time, and of course allows us to create a more thoughtful wardrobe. By removing low-quality and unusable or disposable pieces, we can make space and arrange our closet well. The pieces we buy need to be usable in a variety of stylings. So we can feel like we’ve put on a new piece of clothing and fall in love with it over and over again.

At The Real Luxury we believe that the capsule wardrobe consists of the timeless pieces we present below.

1. White T-shirt

Even the head of global content of British Vogue and European deputy editor, Sarah Harris, said she is in constant search of the perfect white t-shirt as she wears it almost every day. You can wear it in the summer in addition to jeans or the other three seasons to tailored pants and a jacket.

2. White shirt

Never underestimate the power of a white shirt. Whether elegantly fitted or over-sized, it will always be your savior when you run out of time to create an outfit.

3. A transitional blazer

Although once just an integral part of a costume, a transitional blazer presents a key part of every fashionistas wardrobe. It is a perfect match for tailored jeans, a mini skirt, tailored pants or a dress. As a corporate classic or as an exquisitely chic fashion piece, it even copes with off-season weather. A real must-have in several colors, not just black!

4. Straight-leg jeans 

They last a lifetime, can be worn for generations. Skinny may be a thing of the past, now we wear moms – with a high waist, straight cut or even a little on the bell. Who says they’re just for a sporty look? Try them on a blazer, statement sleeves, heels…

5. A classic trench-coat

There is a reason why it has stood the test of time. It really deserves an award, the pale beige shade in a slightly oversized version is a real winner of spring and autumn wardrobe.

6. The sweater

Invest in a sweater, a muted shade, which you will wear the following winter. Roll-necks are also great for multi-layered clothing.

7. Tailored trousers 

An essential piece for work or an unexpected invitation to a friend’s graduation ceremony. You can’t go wrong.

8. Wide-leg trousers

Slightly more lively than tailored trousers. If they are too long, you can easily shorten them. Choose earth tones and make sure to complement them with a symmetrical top and create contrast.  

9. Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt will never go out of style. You can put on a T-shirt again and tuck it into your skirt, put on sneakers and add jewelry. Or choose boots, tuck in a sweater and indulge in your favourite winter coat. 

10. Slip dress

For a light summer evening in the city or an extremely feminine outfit for work, which, if you want more covered skin and discretion, complement it with your chosen knitwear. Wear minimal sandals.

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11. Leather pants

No, it’s no longer that part of the wardrobe for a student party, but they are allowed for everyday wear that seamlessly takes you among the best dressed in a conference room or at the business party. Straight cut. Black, brown, beige, white. Equip them with sweaters and blazers for the day, switch to tight roll-necks or lace in the evening.

12. Minimalistic trainers

An easy way to make yourself comfortable in a long elegant dress or trouser co ord set. Time to get your kicks!

13. Chunky boots

Undoubtedly one of the most popular pieces of colder days, be it autumn or winter. The raised sole perfectly complements everything from cropped jeans and oversized knitwear to midi dresses. We understand if in doubt, but take a risk and invest in a pair, we promise you that this will become one of the most worn pieces in your capsule wardrobe.

14. Shoulder bag

We swear on black. Not too small and not too big. This will store everything you need with you on a daily basis and empower your outfit. It will fit anything and everything.

15. Jewelry

Earrings, a timeless watch or necklace will add a touch of femininity to a simple white T-shirt or boy’s jeans.

To conclude, your fashion purchases should be smart and sustainable. Reach for timeless pieces you can wear multiple times and make fashion choices that will serve you season after season.

Feel welcome to enrich your capsule closet with luxury finds, available in our online store. Check it out here!

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