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Biggest Fashion Trends of Summer 2022: Your Style Guide

Biggest Fashion Trends of Summer 2022: Your Style Guide

As we move into May and the temperatures start to rise, the thought of summer inspires us to dream about the outfits that will adorn us until autumn. 

In the style of new beginnings and a return to normality, a series of fashion trends appeared on the catwalks as early as September last year, heralding a farewell to a fashion era that was all about comfort and relaxation. Although functionality was still present in most of the Spring Summer 2022 collections, this time it is no longer synonymous with classic pieces, but with the joy of life and the celebration of all the beautiful things it has to offer.

What are the must-follow trends this summer?

Trend #1: big jackets

This summer, cool mornings and cool evenings will be warmed by oversized jackets. Instead of the blazers we’ve come to know from seasons past, denim jackets, leather jackets and trench coats are taking their place at the forefront. To counteract their size, they will be paired with fitted pieces such as mini dresses and skirts with short tops and blazers.

Trend #2: suit + bralette

On the catwalks this year, we’ll see matching suits, under which we’ll wear only a delicate and minimalist bralette. The collections of well-known designers last year already signalled that the return to normality would be tinged with sensuality and boldness, not brash but sophisticated.

Trend #3: mini skirts

Mini skirts were already fashionable last year, but this summer they’re set to stun with low waists that end below the belly button. The trend is reminiscent of a popular fashion trend from the late 90s, but this time it is not achieving mass enthusiasm, but mixed reactions. What do you think?

Trend #4: skirt suits

If you like a good power suit, this trend is perfect for you! The common theme of this year’s collections from many fashion designers is “back to work”, which was taken away from us during the pandemic. Blouses, shirts and dresses are at the forefront, but not any kind: skirt suits are the new way of wearing suits in summer 2022. The trend is reminiscent of the 90s, and by no means the only one to announce its return. 

Trend #5: sporty luxe

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Although this summer will be coloured by fashion pieces suitable for celebrating life outside the home and work, there is still an influence of sportswear, which, unlike last year, will not be baggy but elegant and more luxurious.

Trend #6: low waist

After almost a decade of high-waisted garments, a trend that many hoped would remain in fashion history is back. Low-waisted jeans and skirts, which reveal much more than they hide, appeared on the catwalks in combination with equally minimalist tops.

Our editorial team loves the excitement of fashion trends that allow us to experiment with our looks and preferences, but let’s not forget that the most important trend is our satisfaction. Even if you don’t choose the most “must-have” pieces this summer, make sure to feel good and confident in whatever you’re wearing.

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