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A Puffer Coat is Your Winter Savior. Especially if it’s Eco.

A Puffer Coat is Your Winter Savior. Especially if it’s Eco.

When the temperatures reach the frost zone, we quickly reach for the coats, which keep us warm. But there is only one style of coat that protects us from the cold, rain and snow, is extra comfortable and is a really necessary piece of winter clothing. It’s a puffer coat. Suitable choice for anyone who loves practical pieces. Black is of course the safest choice, although white and beige alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular. In terms of length, you can choose whether you want a shorter bomber jacket or a long, statement piece. From belted waists, ballon sleeves, supersized padding, there’s no shortage on option for this mega-popular trend. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that it will provide you with warmth and take you into a wonderful winter season.

Puffer coats are often insulated with down and made from synthetics derived from fossil fuels such as nylon, and are therefore not the most environmentally friendly. In addition, according to PETA reports, there are growing concerns about the use of animal down as a filler. Fortunately, the way materials are made and used has begun to change dramatically, and more and more sustainable and ethical options are emerging. Patagonia, Pangaia and even Prada were among the first companies to use recycled plastic waste materials to make puffer coats. 

It really makes sense to use recycled plastic instead of down, as the coat must be waterproof and durable, but the question that arises here is still what happens with a piece of recycled plastic material (a coat) at the end of its life.

The co-founder of Riley Studio replies that their company aimed at making only waste materials. This is how an ecological puffer coat was created, consisting of recycled nylon shell, colored with onion and rice shell and filled with recycled PET bottles. Meanwhile, Pangaiai has developed its own FLWRDWN material, made from a combination of wild flowers, compostable bioplastics and a biodegradable airgel. It is a vegan substitute for animal and petroleum synthetic down. Pangaia still uses recycled nylon for the filling and lining of the puffer coat, but wants to permanently remove the material and get rid of non-renewable and biodegradable textiles.

We love recycled and recyclable, so we came up with a few more names that, in addition to Patagonia, Pangaia and Prada, make eco puffer coats – everything from long black to sporty and colored.

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Canadian brand tentree has released a new sustainable outerwear collection made from 100% recycled materials and with a cruelty-free filler. Outerknown is a sustainable brand that aims to blend style and function with the protection of natural resources. Sustainable and ethical, recycled and recyclable puffer jackets, PFAS-free, and made without stealing the feathers off any birds, are also made by Houdini, a funcional sustainable outdoor label. Than here is LANIUS which’s maxims are “Love Fashion, Think Organic, Be Responsible”. Adidas & Napapijri also have set some good environmental and labor standards, including an absolute target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from its own operations.

Choosing a recycled version is the biggest statement you can make, so assemble your favorite eco-puffers outfits and than nab one coat (or two!) for yourself.

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