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5 Luxury Design Moments in 2021 That Have Been Talked About A Lot

5 Luxury Design Moments in 2021 That Have Been Talked About A Lot

The year 2021 was again one very turbulent year. When we already thought at the beginning of the summer days that life was returning to about normal, we quickly overlooked our social life was waiting for only extra salt on his still unhealed wounds. Our stories record ups and downs, beautiful and a little less beautiful moments, calm and more dramatic ones, which we still talk about two year seasons after that. The world of luxury design and the design industry has also witnessed some extremely interesting events and trends, about which much has been written. And talked about. 

Let’s remember them below. 

  • Comeback of porcelain plates – on the walls of our rooms

A big revival in 2021 were the walls decorated with plates. Usually, the dishes are left in the cupboard or used on the table, but this means that all the beautiful porcelain, wrapped in a variety of patterns, often remains invisible. So why not use it as an element of decor and enliven the empty walls of our dining room or kitchen with it? Although it is a rustic, old-fashioned undertone of plates, it can serve as a grounding modern element that makes the wall more functional, as it optically enlarges the space of the kitchen or dining room and at the same time blurs the boundaries of art and design. The trend has also become popular among fans of dish design.

  • Sofa Camaleonda

The model, the author of cooking bestsellers and the wife of the famous singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, triggered a wave of interest among her followers in an Instagram post in February 2021. Although she wanted to impress her followers with comfortable clothes and slippers, the modular sofa she was sitting on attracted more interest. It turns out that the brown-colored sofa with an attractive retro look is Camaleonda, which was first presented by the Italian architect and designer Mario Bellini in the 1970s. In addition to its impressive spherical shape and capitonné seams, the Camaleonda is plush and comfortable and offers flexible configurations. Chrissy confided to followers that this was a glamorous piece during the pandemic period. Iterations of Camaleonda from the past are also Soriana Afre and Tobie Scarpe.

  • Jenna Lyons designs furniture

Ever since Jenna Lyons replaced the position of creative director and president J. Crew in 2017 with the launch of the beauty brand LoveSeen, she has been moving further and further away from typical fashion circles. Last year she started designing furniture and released her first collection for the Roll & Hill studio. Jenna is synonymous with sudden changes in the design industry, her ethos now adorned with pieces such as the Lair club chair with a square and simplified silhouette and the Laddi table lamp combining Italian glass with white oak and a star-shaped brass base. A wonderful mix of elements creates an elegant table lamp that gives a touch of traditional and modern.

  • Hypnotic Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris

In 2021, new or renovated museums, dressed in a variety of tones of historical and contemporary art, did appear. Japanese architect Tadao Ando restored a historic 16th-century dome near the Louvre in Paris. The extremely illuminated rotunda is dominated by concrete for the magnificent juxtaposition of the old and the new. Even in our homes, decorative concrete is becoming an increasingly popular version of the material, which creates unique and modern surfaces in interior design and gives the space its own identity.

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  • The influencer of the social network TikTok discovers a secret apartment

Samantha Hartsoe is one of those influencers who shares moments of her private life with her followers most of the day through social media. So one day Samantha was discovering the source of the cold air coming into the bathroom of her apartment and uncovered a hole behind the mirror. She removed the mirror and headed through the hole into an unknown journey. When we write the unknown we mean literally, as Samantha has discovered a secret apartment, empty and unused. Of course, she recorded everything on TikTok, and the action-comedy video became a social media sensation overnight. So, have you looked well behind your mirror yet?

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